September 4-6, 2019 | Norfolk, VA

3 Day Criminal Investigations Using Cellular Technologies – Basic Course

Hosted by the Norfolk Police Department

Course Fee: $450.00 Per Student

The 3 Day Basic cell phone investigations course is open to any sworn investigator or crime analyst who wants to learn about analyzing call detail records.This course allows motivated investigators to understand the evidentiary value of cell phone investigations as they relate to call detail records. The class syllabus incorporates several case studies attendees will investigate using CDR’s from each major provider. This class lays the foundation for the 40 Hour Basic cell phone investigations course which has an extreme focus on best investigative practices and is a pre-requisite to the ZetX cell phone investigations Subject Matter Expert Certification Course. Students are required to bring laptops installed with Microsoft Excel and Google Earth. Students will be required to work with call detail records and geolocation information throughout the course. It is encouraged for students to review these applications and have basic understanding of them, prior to class. This course is designed to use lecture, case studies, and practical workshops to demonstrate and teach techniques.