For some providers, it is within at least 6 minutes accuracy of porting. However, we recommend due diligence on this matter, so we provide you with the carrier legal compliance number to double check provider information.
Of Course Not! ZetX demos are based on quality and quantity of usage.
Yes! Home towers are quickly identifiable on your mapped CDR’s in Trax. You can also use our frequency reports to help you identify home towers and several other frequently used towers within your call detail records. Home towers are the most frequently used towers in your CDR’s.
No. ZetX does not use granulization (AKA “the pie shape”) for mapping. Granulization is inaccurate and is being suppressed as evidence during criminal proceedings. ZetX has a proprietary and scientific system of mapping tower radio frequency across the United States. These methods are admissible into court, have never been suppressed and provide every detective a reliable means of mapping every time a tower is mapped. For more information on granulization, see United States vs. Antonio Evans.
When using FPLU, we ask for your name and government email so we can contact you if someone else runs the same number during their investigation. So no, you don’t need a login, and it’s a free service!
No! Trax automatically reads all of your records, maps and analyzes them for you by date, hour and type of record! Pure awesomeness for you!
Yes. ZetX provides expert testimony AND we can assist you with your investigation!
ZetX has taken on at least 20 philanthropic cases within the last twelve months (as of July 2015). We have spent countless hours and resources to prepare each case for trial, ensuring the information is presentable and accurate. The cases that have seen trial have secured convictions.
Absolutely!!! And they integrate with our historical CDR mapping.
Everyone at ZetX knows bad guys want to have Christmas too. If you need our help on Christmas Day, call us. If you need our help in the middle of a dark and stormy night, hit us up! We have worked crazy schedules and long hours, just like you, and still do! Call anytime you need help.