For Competent Investigations

LIVE ping mapping with ZetX is fast, easy, efficient and safe.  

Get up and running with live ping mapping missions in minutes.  TRAX LIVE visualizes incoming pings and ongoing ping missions with ease and efficiency.

LIVE is used agency wide for a variety of mission sets.

Operators across  law enforcement can use ping data during SWAT callouts, UC missions, narcotics operations missing person searches and more. Further, use LIVE ping mapping to get on target faster and reliably using historical CDR’s right within TRAX. Any agency can quickly manage live pings.

LIVE makes the most of all resources available to you.

In addition to TRAX historical mapping, users have the option to integrate partner services like Intrepid Response Plus and Whooster into their LIVE ping mapping.

To make the most of your time, take advantage of device geo-fencing and activity notifications. It’s a huge time saving feature and easy way to follow up on device management.

LIVE is built into your TRAX Subscription

We make life easy. We offer affordable tools that work at an affordable price. With LIVE ping mapping, you can run multiple missions at any given time. And equally important, with an unlimited amount of resources. 

To learn more about exigent ping mapping, check out our Fugitive Investigations course. 

Simplify your investigation. Call or contact us today for a demo.