“It is our ongoing mission to change the investigative culture of law enforcement. We will do so by creating effortless fact-finding resources and tools by means of web-based technology and information sharing. We vow to maintain the highest standards of investigative training to increase the value of our products and responsible investigations. As we thrive on finding those who victimize good people, our crusade to advance justice will persevere.”

ZetX Cell Phone Investigations Origins

ZetX comes from the Latin word Zetetic, which means “to investigate”. We exist to simplify and close cell phone investigations for every police officer in the United States. Everything we teach and create is developed through years of good, old fashioned police work. We understand the difficulty of managing call detail record investigations, and more importantly, have first hand experience investigating them ourselves. Everyone at ZetX is driven to develop training and resources that simplify this technically, complex field. Our commitment to law enforcement customers is simple, to solve crime.

Automating Call Detail Records

ZetX mapping methods have taken law enforcement from the dark ages into modern times. The old hammer and chisel days of pouring over thousands of lines in Excel are gone. ZetX has taken automated cell phone investigations to an entirely new level by using information sharing resources that are readily available, free and reliable, while automating mapped call detail records. We update our automated systems weekly and daily. We are the IOT (internet of things) for every tenacious detective solving crime through cell phone investigations.

ZetX Training

All of these amazingly cool resources weren’t born yesterday. Everything we do is derived from years of investigative experience and training. We were around when the old pie shape was cool to teach back in 2001, you may have attended some of our training back in the day when we were Phoenix Training Council. Now, we bring you up to date investigative methods and resources that stand up in court and juries love.

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Cell Phone Investigation Experts

Whether you need an expert to assist you with your investigation, testify to our automated mapping or make you a subject matter expert, ZetX is where it’s at.  We have created a one stop shop for your cell phone investigation.

Please take some time to get to know us. We are here to help.


TRAX was invented by cops with real-world experience.

The creators and supporters of TRAX are cops who have experience investigating call detail records, tracking suspects, testifying in court and getting convictions. The ZetX founders believe in creating a standardized and understandable process for this intense field of investigation, while supporting law enforcement agencies across the nation with all things related to cellular investigations.

TRAX data has been in use for years solving real world cases.

With years and hours of experience manually deciphering and understanding call detail records, ZetX started as a small training company for law enforcement. After years of teaching cops how to investigate call detail records, TRAX was born, allowing investigators at any skill level the ability to use call detail records for any and all types of investigations. TRAX has been admitted and used in court, securing convictions and advancing justice with intelligible tech effect.

TRAX, The Game Changer

TRAX is being used by law enforcement with various types of CDR formats that open up sharing and usage platforms typically unheard of in the industry. TRAX has changed the way evidence is submitted in court, setting the highest investigative standards in the industry.  ZetX aims to give law enforcement investigative tools that are effective and productive in the world of modern technology. All TRAX services were built with the investigative process in mind and at the forefront of production.