From the minute a target number is identified, to the moment it is presented to a jury, ZetX covers every aspect to include basic investigative training to Subject Matter Expert certifications. ZetX is home to the original Free Phone Look Up tool along with the most advanced and accurate forensic mapping system available. ZetX sets itself apart with TRAX mapping, phenomenal customer service with round the clock support and multiple types of Subject Matter Expert testimony, adding up to time saved and cases solved quickly.

Map and analyze huge data sets quickly and efficiently
while meeting scientific standards



Easy to understand.
Easy to map.
Easy to analyze.

TRAX automates the mapping process of complex phone records into simple, time-lapse, movie like presentations that anyone, from investigators and attorneys to jurors, can easily understand. A very complicated, time consuming and difficult investigative task is made extremely simple with TRAX. We don't stop with phone records, TRAX supports third party investigative resources, too!


The Ultimate Force

Millions of calls are processed in seconds using TRAX. Call detail records, drive tests, tower dumps, exigent pings, wire taps and pen registers and so much more are faster, efficient and safer using applications within the TRAX suite.



The Most Accurate,
Comprehensive Database

The incredible accuracy of TRAX is ascertained from our methodologies of understanding provider networks, big data corroboration, the use of horizontal planes and practices that are accepted within the relevant scientific community of radio frequency experts. Using the science behind cellular technology, TRAX delivers defined and accurate search results that stand up in court. TRAX is the only mapping system of it’s kind and has been heralded as the most superior geo-location mapping system available for trial purposes.

Interact with units in the field through push-to-talk,
group text and group picture messaging

Tactical Operations or Surveillance Missions
ZetX Has You Covered

The first and only company to dump the pie shape and meet scientific standards to map call detail records.

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November 13, 2018

February 25, 2016

Cell phone mapping scientific standards vary by state. Do you know your states standards? For instance, Texas uses Rule 702 of the Federal Rules of Evidence and New York uses Frye Standards.  They are trial motions that aim to preclude evidence based on their scientific validity. Consequently, scientific motions like, the Daubert Standard,  can result in loss of evidence. For that reason, understanding best practices of cell phone mapping is important for every investigator and attorney. ZetX subject matter experts testify to Scientific Challenges throughout the United States.  Most states follow the same guidelines, however, there are differences based on the judges opinion at the time of trial.

Los Angeles, California

More importantly, ZetX uses scientific practices like drive testing, and as a result, overcome scientific motions on a consistent basis. The standards we use at ZetX provide excellent results in trial because we meet and testify to the toughest scientific thresholds. The most noteworthy being, extended testing of our theories and techniques and well documented known error rates within the cellular networks.  You can learn more about this topic by attending a ZetX 40 Hour Basic Course. Thereafter, you are eligible to attend the Subject Matter Expert Course and represent your agency.

Miami, Florida

If you have a case that requires review of cell phone records, and need some help,  just contact us. Cellular investigations can be a tremendous undertaking, for that reason, your case will be reviewed by a ZetX Subject Matter Expert who will determine how we can assist you.  We have helped agencies big and small, from state to federal, we’ve reviewed cases for prosecution and defense, and even work on civil cases. You are not alone in your pursuit for justice. Sometimes, it just take a little tenacity and hard work.

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October 4, 2018


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October 30, 2015

A potentially big ruling came out of the courtroom of Judge Lucy Koh yesterday, in which she affirmed a magistrate judge’s decision to tell the government to get a warrant if it wants to obtain historical location info about certain “target” mobile phones (officially known as “Cell Site Location Info” — or CSLI).

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4th Circuit Court Decision Requiring Probable Cause for Historical Cell Phone Location Information

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