From the minute a target number is identified, to the moment it is presented to a jury, ZetX covers every aspect. Free Phone Look Up, search warrants, mapping and analysis, court presentations, tower dumps, training and more; ZetX sets itself apart with TraX™, the most accurate investigative database, which adds up to time saved and cases solved quickly.

Map and analyze huge data sets quickly and efficiently
while meeting scientific standards



Easy to understand.
Easy to map.
Easy to analyze.

TRAX automates the mapping process of complex phone records into simple, time-lapse, movie like presentations that anyone, from investigators and prosecutors to jurors, can easily understand. A very complicated, time consuming and difficult investigative task is made extremely simple with TRAX. We don't stop with phone records, TRAX supports third party investigative resources, too!


The Ultimate Force

What use to take hours and weeks to investigate now takes seconds with TRAX . Call detail records, tower dumps, exigent pings and fugitive missions, are faster, efficient and safer using applications within the TRAX Suite.



The Most Accurate,
Comprehensive Database

The incredible accuracy of TRAX is ascertained from the large quantity of law enforcement users who continuously upload investigative feeds into the TRAX database. Using the science behind cellular technology, TRAX delivers defined and accurate search results that stand up in court. TRAX is the only mapping system of it's kind, and has been heralded as the superior cell phone mapping system for law enforcement.

Interact with units in the field through push-to-talk,
group text and group picture messaging

Tactical Operations or Surveillance Missions
ZetX Has You Covered

The first and only company to dump the pie shape and meet scientific standards to map call detail records.

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May 9, 2016 by zetxadmin

• ZetX was featured on NBC Dateline “The Girl with the Red Shoes” as a key player in resolving the homicide of a 15 year old girl. Didn’t get to see it live? Watch it here!

by zetxadmin

• Check out our new Apparel page! This is the first stage of an apparel line created to help underfunded agencies solve homicides using cellular evidence.

• ZetX was featured as a key player in resolving the homicide of a 15 year old girl. Watch :

February 25, 2016 by zetxadmin

ZetX is excited to make the Wildlife Investigators Course a permanent custom training added to our annual schedule! If you are a wildlife investigator, or if you know a wildlife investigator who would benefit from this course check out the 40 Hour schedule for June! We hear there may be some river rafting involved too! 40 Hour Schedule

October 30, 2015 by zetxadmin

A potentially big ruling came out of the courtroom of Judge Lucy Koh yesterday, in which she affirmed a magistrate judge’s decision to tell the government to get a warrant if it wants to obtain historical location info about certain “target” mobile phones (officially known as “Cell Site Location Info” — or CSLI).

Click HERE for article

by zetxadmin

4th Circuit Court Decision Requiring Probable Cause for Historical Cell Phone Location Information

Click HERE for the Opinion

July 28, 2015 by zetxadmin

Defendant’s Motion In Limine To Exclude The Expert Testimony and Cellular Analysis

Click HERE for the Defense Motion