Historically, pen registers have been reserved for agencies with large budgets or hard to come by grant funding. For years technology continuously evolved, and the veteran pen register industry swiftly became outdated with expensive hardware requirements, befuddling training, and high maintenance costs. Mandatory hardware upgrades and maintenance ensured agencies were committed to a specific pen register provider necessitating exorbitant amounts of money for investigative rights. Not only has the ancient pen register monopoly drained law enforcement budgets, it limited investigative competency to a select one or few persons within an agency.

Real-Time mapping with ZetX proprietary ranging data.

Investigators asked us to create an affordable, easy to use pen register solution requiring zero maintenance and hardware costs, used scientific mapping techniques, incorporated analytical tools, and could be used agency wide. We listened, we worked hard, and we delivered. Enter VIPER, the first affordable, cloud based virtual pen register solution for all of law enforcement.

Clean, Simple, Real-Time Analytics

VIPER has re-invigorated a sluggish investigative past-time and uses modern technology to visualize information in real time. Our cloud-based pen register processes critical data using ZetX proprietary ranging techniques and geo-fencing.  VIPER works in conjunction with TRAX historical mapping, LINX analysis and LIVE near-real time, ping mapping.

VIPER is an incredibly secure platform ingesting data into the AWS GovCloud Solution, and resides on FedRAMP certified servers. VIPER is CJIS compliant and includes activity logging, data encryption in motion and at rest, comprehensive key management and protection and integrated permission management.  VIPER also meets FIPS 140-2 security standards for use in government departments and regulated industries.